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Who are we? Simply Kids Dentistry is more than your kid’s dentist. We are your partners. We are your go-to resource for infant care, routine visits, special needs dentistry, and emergency care. Our goals are the same as yours. We want to give your child a beautiful smile, superior dental care, and a positive experience. 

As a pediatric practice, we strive to give parents and children the education and tools they need to make good choices and create healthy habits for life. We want children to feel good about visiting the dentist and parents to feel confident in the care their child receives. Whether you are preparing for your child’s first visit or a routine check-up, our goal is the same- to provide a relaxed and kid friendly environment where both you and your child feel welcomed, cared for and respected. We are compassionate, caring, committed and want every experience to be a positive one. In short, we want to be the best pediatric dentist in Orlando, FL all while giving you and your child Something to Smile About!

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If you are looking for a dental home for your child, Simply Kids Dentistry welcomes you.

Meet The Doctors

  • Dr.
    David L. Goldstein, DMD

    Dr. David grew up primarily in South Florida. He graduated from Florida State University with a B.S. in Biology. Dr. David earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Alabama School Of Dentistry in 1987.

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  • Dr.
    Josh Cline

    Dr. Josh is a lifelong local resident and grew up in Gotha, FL. He graduated from the University of Central Florida with a degree in Molecular and Microbiology. Dr. Josh earned his Doctor of Dental Medicine degree from the University of Florida College Of Dentistry.

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What Our Patients are Saying About Us

  • "Staff are extremely detailed and punctual. Never a long wait and staff are always welcoming!"
    - Demii W.
  • "Very professional, and great with kids"
    - Kameron G.
  • "Awesome crew and awesome doctor!!!"
    - Levi A.
  • "Amazing dentist. We were an emergency out of state case and they handled everything within 48 hours. I could not be more grateful. Dr. Goldstein is truly an exceptional pediatrician."
    - Madison M.
  • "Great place. My daughter goes there since she was 5-6 years old. The doctor is amazing. The people working there are amazing."
    Melanie L.
  • "Great staff!! Wonderful with dealing with a scared kid."
    - Daniel B.

Featured Articles

Read about helpful topics

  • Wisdom Teeth

    Wisdom teeth, or third molars, typically begin to develop in early adolescence, and may attempt to erupt into the mouth around the ages of 17 to 20. Wisdom teeth are sometimes removed after the roots are somewhat developed, or at least three-fourths developed. This is usually in the adolescent years. ...

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  • What is Plaque?

    Plaque is a film of bacteria that forms on your teeth and gums after eating foods that produce acids. These foods may include carbohydrates (starches and sugars), such as candy and cookies, and starchy foods such as bread, crackers, and cereal. Tooth decay leads to cavities and occurs when plaque remains ...

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  • Teeth Grinding (bruxism)

    Teeth grinding (also called bruxism) is often viewed as a harmless, though annoying habit. Some people develop bruxism from an inability to deal with stress or anxiety.However, teeth grinding can literally transform your bite relationship and worse, severely damage your teeth and jaws over long periods ...

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  • Trapped Debris/Objects Between Teeth

    Try gently removing the debris with dental floss. Be careful not to cut your child's gums. Never use a sharp instrument, such as a needle or pin, to remove any object that is stuck between teeth. If you can't dislodge the object using dental floss, contact our office. ...

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  • Preventing Cavities

    Saliva is your body's best mechanism for fighting the destructive forces of acids formed by plaque. Saliva acts as a buffer and re-mineralizing agent. Sugarless gum is one way to stimulate the flow of saliva in your mouth in between brushings. The best way to prevent cavities, however, is to brush and ...

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  • Permanent Teeth

    The first permanent molars (which are not preceded by primary teeth) begin erupting around the age of 6. Extra care should be given to this first set of molars; they have a significant impact on the structure and position of future erupting teeth and, consequently, the shape of your child's lower face ...

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  • Your Child's First Dental Visit

    Your child's first visit to the dental office should be around his or her first birthday, but could be as early as you'd like (as soon as the first tooth erupts or even sooner). Many children get scared or express apprehension when they know they are going to the dentist for the first time. All the ...

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  • X-Rays

    In addition to spotting cavities early, X-rays are used to examine erupting teeth, diagnose bone diseases, evaluate injury, or plan orthodontic treatment. In general, children need X-rays more often than adults because their mouths grow and change rapidly. The American Academy of Pediatric Dentistry ...

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  • Sealants

    Technology today has produced sealants, which work by filling in the crevasses on the chewing surfaces of the teeth. This shuts out food particles that could get caught in the teeth, causing cavities. The application is fast and comfortable and can effectively protect teeth for many years. Sealants are ...

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  • Toothbrush Selection

    Toothbrushes today come in about as many sizes and shapes as one can imagine. There are angled heads, raised bristles, oscillating tufts and handles that change colors with use. While makers of toothbrushes make a lot of claims, there isn't any evidence that any one type of toothbrush design is better ...

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