IV Sedation

For some children, completing dental treatment while awake is not possible. Children who are very young, have special needs, are very anxious, or have very extensive dental treatment needs may be unable to tolerate or cooperate in order to safely complete the dental treatment needed to prevent pain or infection from dental issues. Sedation medications can be given by properly trained professionals to alter the level of consciousness of the patient in order to complete the needed treatment. In our office, we use IV sedation administered by a dental anesthesiologist in order for your child to be asleep for the dental treatment. Typically, all dental treatment that is needed can then be completed in one visit. Sedation does have risks, as does anesthesia for any type of surgery, but with properly chosen cases, sedation can still be safe in even very young patients in order to treat the dental infections that have very real and known risks if left untreated. All the same monitoring and safety equipment that is used during surgeries in a hospital are also used during in office sedation, and your child will be monitored throughout the entire procedure by the anesthesiologist. There are certain precautions and instructions that would be given to you prior to the appointment that must be followed in order to ensure the safety of your child. 

Our IV sedation is performed with a highly experienced pediatric anesthesiologist from our pediatric dental anesthesia group partner, Pediatric Dental Anesthesia Associates.

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