All teeth, including baby teeth, have nerves and blood vessels inside. If a cavity, which is an infection caused by bacteria, gets deep enough that it reaches the nerve, the tooth will either require nerve treatment or extraction in order to remove the infection. Adult teeth typically will have a full root canal performed if the tooth can be saved, which removes and cleans out the entire nerve inside the root. Baby teeth have very small roots with complex anatomy that can make a full root canal procedure more difficult and unpredictable. For baby teeth, a “partial root canal” or “baby root canal” called a pulpotomy is often performed instead. This procedure involves removing the top portion of the nerve closest to the infection. If the infection has not spread to the roots and the remaining nerve is healthy, a medicament is placed to cover the nerve in the roots and a stainless steel crown is used to protect and seal off the tooth. If the nerve in the roots is unhealthy, in most cases an extraction would be recommended.  

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